GDPR Statement for Prize Draw

Data Protection:
What information we need from entrants to our Let’s Find Out audience survey prize draw and what we will do with that information.
Entrants for the Let’s Find Out audience survey prize draw are required to provide their email address to the Promoter of the survey. The winners must also provide their full name and postal address to facilitate delivery of their prize.

The Promoter is television Ltd (“we” / “us” / “our”) which is also the data controller or the personal data submitted by entrants to the prize draw.

Entrants’ personal data submitted as part of their entry for the prize draw will be processed strictly in accordance with the requirements of applicable data protection legislation.

Without limitation the Promoter confirms to prize draw entrants as follows:
1. Entrants’ personal data (email addresses and, for winners, names and postal addresses) will not be disclosed to any third-party by the Promoter and nor will that personal data be used for any purpose other than the purposes of our Let’s Find Out audience survey draw.
2. Entrant’s personal data will be kept secure and erased no later than ten (10) days after the prizes have been sent by post to the relevant prize winners.
3. Entrants’ personal data will not be capable of being associated with or connected to any other survey data provided by them.
4. Entrants have the right to make a disclosure request to the Promoter for the disclosure of a copy of all personal data held about them by the Promoter at the date of such disclosure request.
5. Entrants may request the Promoter to rectify and / or update any personal data held by the Promoter about them that is inaccurate or out of date.

Inquiries or requests relating to the personal data disclosed by entrants to the Promoter in respect of the Let’s Find Out audience survey prize draw should be addressed to Tom Johnson, television Ltd, 5 Rock Street, Kenmare, County Kerry.