Let’s Find Out- Season 2

Children’s Educational Entertainment Series 5-9 year olds RTE jr channel Season 2 20 x 15 min episodes Features Scientists – Mark (Mark Langrty) and Amy (Amy Hassett) Alongside the curious alien puppet called Zoom! Watch Full Season here

Body Brothers Season 2 – Animals

Children’s Educational Entertainment Series 4-7 year olds RTE jr channel Season 2 15 x 15 min episodes Features The Body Brothers – Cormac (Cormac Mohally) and Cian (Cian Kinsella) Alongside the fun Inventor Auntie B (Laura O Mahony) Watch Full Season here


2 x 52 min documentaries Watch on RTE Player now Exploring the science of stress & anxiety and how to manage them. Five stressed-out volunteers try a range of interventions. Presented by Jennifer O’Connell Co-production with Firebrand Productions